Special event Sunday July 21st.  Shown for the first time to the public, come see the “Tonko House Is…” Film Festival and get a sneak peek into Tonko House culture and workstyle!  In 2019, select Tonko House members were given 2 weeks to create a 30 second to 3 minute short video with the theme “Tonko House is…” or “Tonko House will be…”  The goal was to give the opportunity to experience the short film-making process from beginning to end, to foster empathy and understanding between different teams, such as art, production and editing, within the company.  Erick Oh and other key Tonko House members will be on-site to share their experience. 

As part of fan appreciation day, there is no entrance fee for the day.  Come by and meet Tonko House artists, see the Film Festival and discover or revisit the wonderful artwork and films.

Sunday, July 21st  |  2pm-3pm  |   Free – all day