We have partnered with amazing people and organizations to help create workshops, panels and events that we hope will inspire many of you to take on a journey of reflection and curiosity about people and the world.
Children’s Day Children 12 and younger are admitted free all day during normal exhibition hours

Children’s Day Music and Art Performance
Sunday, May 5th 1400 ~ (30 min)
Limit: 50 people, RSVP or first come first served; up to 3 kids per family
Children 12 & under: free
RSVP: info@ZamyGo.com

Come see amazing middle schooler, Juhna Moon, perform the double bass while former Pixar Art Director and Tonko House founder performs a Live Drawing of the music performance.

Erick Oh will be doing a live reading of the new Tonko House children’s book.

There will be a signing event with Erick and Robert in the afternoon after the double bass performance and book reading.